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Thursday, May 26, 2005

'By George' - Silk Slippers, Hobnail Boots, And The Chinese Century?

There hasn't been very much manufacturing in the news. I came across this article and I particularly noticed the statement "...some of our citizens even seem a little ashamed, embarrassed that some of us are still at it in manufacturing." Thats a very true statement that I see. I was watching a show on SpikeTV. I think it was MXC MXC

In one episode a baseball player is trying to hit a superball out of a baseball park. So a local company made a custom designed ball thower. The translator, speaking in English, said with such respect that "such-and-such company made a ball thrower just for the show." Even though it was through a translation, you can tell that there was respect and honor shown towards this manufacturing company. Its hard to explain, but nothing like is ever heard over here. Except maybe for motorcycle manufacturers.

'By George' - Silk Slippers, Hobnail Boots, And The Chinese Century?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That show on Spike TV - called MXC - probably wasn't showing respect toward anyone.

That show is a comedy show, and the voice you heard wasn't a translator. It was a voice-over artist who was reading from a script, a script that was written to be as funny as possible. The footage is from a real Japanese game show, but the audio is just two Americans making jokes.

Their comment about the "ball thrower" was little more than sexual innuendo.

1:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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