Manufacturing in America is in a steady decline across the board. Our major exports consist of mainly fruits and vegetables. If America expects stay number one, this must change. This blog will explore the political and company issues (ie. lean manufacturing) that must be discussed in order to maintain our competitive edge.

Friday, April 08, 2005 / World / US - US set to get tough over renminbi

I think the wet noodle comment in this story covers it all. The only reason that the unemployment is so low right now is because of the massive import and distribution industry that has been created. The economy is treading water right now because of China. There is no way the Bush administration is going to even touch this. Bush has not vetoed ONE bill yet, this would be the first. I am going to argue that China is cost the US manufacturing jobs. Those jobs are moving over to service jobs or resellers. / World / US - US set to get tough over renminbi


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